Home electronic sphygmomanometers

- Apr 20, 2018-

Home electronic sphygmomanometers are mainly used in homes. Family health care has become the modern health care fashion. In the past, people had to go to the hospital to measure blood pressure. Now that they have a home electronic sphygmomanometer, they can monitor the changes in blood pressure at any time while sitting at home. If abnormal blood pressure is found, they can go to the hospital for treatment, which can prevent cerebral hemorrhage and heart failure. The role of diseases such as hair loss. According to the International Recommendations proposed by the International Legal Metrology Organization, the revised draft regulations for sphygmomanometers, the sphygmomanometer scale is changed to millibars (mmHg) of dry kPa (kPa). 1 kPa = 7.5 mmHg, and the scale value on the scale is 0.5 kPa. There are two scales on the blood pressure meter, please pay attention when you apply it.