The knowledge of sphygmomanometer

- Apr 23, 2018-

The sphygmomanometer mainly includes auscultation sphygmomanometer and oscillometric sphygmomanometer The auscultation method is further divided into artificial auscultation and automatic auscultation. Mercury sphygmomanometers (pressure gauges) and spring-type sphygmomanometers (pressure gauges) are early manual auscultation sphygmomanometers. The current artificial auscultation method includes digital sphygmomanometers, Light sphygmomanometers, light-intensity sphygmomanometers, liquid-crystal sphygmomanometers, etc.; the auscultation automation technique is difficult.

The automation of the Koch auscultation method will be the main direction for the development of sphygmomanometers. Automatic auscultation sphygmomanometers make blood pressure measurements more convenient and accurate.

The oscillometric method is also called oscillating method. Simply speaking, it is to obtain the oscillating wave generated during the deflation process. The blood pressure value is converted by a certain algorithm. . The vast majority of electronic sphygmomanometers are designed using oscillometric principles. The electronic sphygmomanometer has upper arm type, wrist type, and finger type.