The measurement principle of sphygmomanometer

- Apr 18, 2018-

The measurement principle of sphygmomanometer can be divided into direct measurement method and indirect measurement method.

The direct measurement method is also called invasive measurement, which is the blood pressure measured after putting a catheter for a blood vessel by puncturing. For example, in the case of the cardiac interventional diagnosis and treatment, the patient's invasive blood pressure should be monitored. Use Invasive methods to measure blood pressure directly. Due to the different parts of the test, the methods are different and they cannot fully reflect the blood pressure of the human body.

Indirect measurement is also called non-invasive measurement, that is, blood pressure that is measured indirectly by placing a catheter in a blood vessel after puncture.

Indirect measurement is divided into auscultation and oscillometry.

1. Auscultation

Listening to blood pressure with a stethoscope Korotkoff's method for measuring human blood pressure is called auscultation. A sphygmomanometer for measuring blood pressure with auscultation is called an auscultation sphygmomanometer. Such as mercury sphygmomanometers, blood pressure meters. For more than one hundred years, people have Been exploring methods and apparatus for measuring blood pressure that are more reliable, but they have been unsuccessful, including oscillometric electronic sphygmomanometers.Official, regular hospitals in China have to continue to use mercury sphygmomanometers, and developed countries in Europe and America are the reason has A toll of historical facts Have proven that the auscul The auscultation method sphygmomanometer is a scientific and classic blood pressure measurement and measurement apparatus.

Auscultatory classification:

The auscultation sphygmomanometers are divided into artificial auscultation sphygmomanometers, semi-automated auscultation sphygmomanometers and automatic auscultation sphygmomanometers Manual auscultation sphygmomanometers are commonly known as mercury sphygmomanometers and blood pressure tables; semi-automatic auscultation sphygmomanometers are read-alley sphygmomanometers; and automatic auscultation sphygmomanometers are auscultative Automatic sphygmomanometers.

1, artificial auscultation method sphygmomanometer is mercury, etc. as a pressure gauge, the measurer uses the human ear through the stethoscope to listen to the original blood pressure Korotkoff sound (from heavy to light, then to disappear or change sound), and To the Korotkoff sound heard The pressure gauge reads the systolic pressure and diastolic pressure; although the auscultation method is currently the most accurate method of measuring blood pressure, the artificial auscultation method is affected by the following factors: (1) the level of training received (2) hearing; (3) Attention; (4) Poor witness at judgment. The reliability of blood pressure measurement depends entirely on the professional level, hearing, fatigue, and work attitude of the measurer. Can not be repeated and compounded. The measurer says how much it is. 2. The semi-automatic auscultation sphygmomanometer uses an electronic probe similar to a stethoscope to Listen to the blood pressure Korotkoff and enlarges the volume by electronic technology. The person beside the sphygmomanometer can hear the rhythm of the blood pressure Korotkoff It is the same heavy sound) and the systolic pressure and diastolic pressure are read out according to the Korotkoff sound Pressure gauge that is heard. This method excludes (1) the level of training; (2) hearing; (3) attention and other influences, but it is still affected by the poor vision of the judgment, which allows more people to use it To measure blood pressure. However, some people find it very cumbersome to use. 3, automatic auscultation sphygmomanometer is similar to a stethoscope-like electronic probe, listen to blood pressure Korotkoff sound, and through modern digital technology to convert blood pressure Korotkoff sound into Digital signal, and finally displayed on the sphygmomanometer display, that is achieved Automatic blood pressure measurement. This sphygmomanometer also has semi-automatic And automatic points: manual pumping, automatic deflation called semi-automatic; automatic pumping, automatic deflation called automatic. This type of sphygmomanometer is not affected by the level of training, hearing, attention, and eyewitness at the time of judgment. Everyone can use It to accurately measure blood pressure.