Help Yourself To Monitoring Your Blood Pressure At Home

- Mar 19, 2018-

For patients with high blood pressure, the level and fluctuation of blood pressure can only be understood through daily monitoring.

Moreover, the daily blood pressure level is more valuable for the adjustment of medication use and the estimation of the effect of hypertension on the heart and cerebrovascular system than the random measurement results in the outpatient department of the hospital.

However, in daily life, there are some misunderstandings about self-monitoring of blood pressure in many patients with hypertension.

For example, some people believe that the household digital electronic blood pressure meter is not accurate, and the results of each measurement are different. Only the blood pressure measured by the hospital is reliable, which is actually wrong.

Because the blood pressure of the human body fluctuates within a certain range in the daily state, each measurement result may be inconsistent.

In fact, some of them have some patients daily blood pressure is normal, but a high risk of measuring blood pressure to the hospital, it is called "white coat hypertension", generally related to such factors as the patients mental stress.

If the results are based on such blood pressure measurements, it may not be reasonable.

Therefore, the random blood pressure measured by the hospital is not a good response to the patient's daily blood pressure.

Therefore, it is recommended that all patients with hypertension should learn self-monitoring of blood pressure.

Stick to daily blood pressure, choose the time and frequency of measurement according to your own situation, and record the daily blood pressure.

So you can found the regularity of their blood pressure fluctuations, which can better control of blood pressure, reduce because blood pressure surge caused by the occurrence of cardiovascular events, reduce complications and improve the quality of life.