The Difference Between A Mercury Sphygmomanometer And An Electronic Sphygmomanometer

- Apr 29, 2018-

The mercury sphygmomanometer is actually just a mercury manometer. Only the doctor (or trained person) can work with the stethoscope to measure blood pressure. Usually users cannot measure blood pressure by themselves using a mercury sphygmomanometer (mercury pressure gauge).

Mercury, as a substance that has no great influence on the environment, is currently prohibited by most countries in the world.

An electronic sphygmomanometer is a combination of sensor technology and microcomputer technology. Its structure should ensure the accomplishment of three basic tasks:

1, sensory blood pressure

2, discriminate high pressure and low pressure

3. Display the measurement results on the screen.

Feeling blood pressure can not leave the sensor, the pressure sensor used in home electronic sphygmomanometer must be a high-performance low-cost, high sensitivity, measurement range does not need to be very large. For home users are suitable for home electronic sphygmomanometer There are two main methods of measurement: one is the arm type, the other is the wrist type, and the third is the watch type sphygmomanometer.