High Accuracy Blood Glucose Test Strip

High Accuracy Blood Glucose Test Strip

Product ID: EO-BG1031

Description: High Accuracy Blood Glucose Test Strip

Usage: Blood sugar level monitoring

Warranty: 1 Year

Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

MOQ: 50 boxes

Product Details

Our High Accuracy Blood Glucose Test Strips are produced under strictly standards to ensure their quality. With the latest technology, we are doing our best to improve the quality standard whilst reduce the cost for who is suffering from diabetes. It consists of two sheets containing sensitive chemical components.


Blood sample required







Manual Coding

Operating Temperature

10℃   to 35℃

Storage temperature4-30 ° C

Operating Humidity



50 High Accuracy Blood Glucose Test Strips

50 Lancets


1.It can be inserted directly into the meter and does not require a code adjustment. Therefore, it can avoid errors caused by improper code adjustment;

2.Designed specifically for the measurement of blood glucose;

3.Conducive to understanding the health of the body;

4.If necessary, we can package the product separately. Single-packaged test strips have a longer shelf life;

5.It only requires a small amount of blood collection and does not affect normal physical activity.

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Because different blood glucose meters work differently, the strips must match the blood glucose meter you are using and cannot be used interchangeably with each other.


1. The blood collection site is only the tip of the finger.

2. Do not disinfect with iodine or disinfectant containing iodine. It can be disinfected with 75% alcohol. Blood is collected after the blood collection site is naturally dried.

3. If the blood volume is insufficient, do not squeeze the fingertips directly.

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