High Accuracy Coding Blood Glucose Meter

High Accuracy Coding Blood Glucose Meter

Product ID: EO-BG1015

Description: High Accuracy Coding Blood Glucose Meter

Usage: Blood sugar level monitoring

Warranty: 1 Year

Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

MOQ: 100 Sets

Product Details

This High Accuracy Coding Blood Glucose Meter with 5 electrodes technology is what you need whether this is your first one or you have used one for several years and are looking for an upgrade. It is a convenient intelligent electronic medical instrument for testing its own glycemic index, which is generally suitable for people with high blood sugar.


Place of origin



New 5 Electrodes Testing Technology

Test speed

8 seconds

Blood sample required







LCD Large Screen With Backlight


Manual Coding


250 Tests


Button Battery

Operating Temperature

10℃   to 40℃

Operating Humidity



1. User-friendly interface with LED large screen with backlight, which is easy to use and read.

2. It has small size, which is suitable to be used both at home and outside. 

3. All new 5 electrodes testing technology to make sure the result is accurate.

4. Less blood sample. When collecting blood, you can automatically use the test by simply touching the wound to the tester, and only 1μm blood required.

5. The blood glucose meter test paper has good stability, and the user can obtain accurate measurement results by adjusting the coded measurement value close to the standard value.

6. Automatically power off can save energy and extend its service life.

7. High Accuracy Coding Blood Glucose Meter uses automatic ejection slide button to avoid infection by contacting with blood.

What Do I Get With This Package

1 High Accuracy Coding Blood Glucose Meter

1 Lancing Pen

2 Bottles test strips (total 50 strips)

50 Lancets

1 Button battery

1.1.5 (2).jpg 

Tracking your blood glucose numbers is vital to long-term care, so keeping a record is important. Our product is able to show the averages results of 7, 14, 28 or 2 months. This product is the right one for you to monitoring your blood sugar level.

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