Rotating Electric Hospital Bed

Rotating Electric Hospital Bed

Product ID: EO-EH5026

Description: Rotating Electric Hospital Bed with standing function

Usage: People who need long term care or disabled

Warranty: 1 Year

Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

MOQ: 20 Sets

Product Details

Product introduction

Unlike the most products on the market, this bed is totally focus on how to make patients feel more comfortable. With the specially designed turn over function, now make the patients lying on their side is as easy as click one button. 


Place of origin



2000*900*550 mm (Can be customized)  


White and Blue

Back adjustment

8-85 degrees

Turn over

0-55 degrees



IV port


Dining table


Hair wash function



1. Electric control

2. Silent wheels

3. Easy for hair wash

4. Stainless steel cranks

5. Special design mattress to fit all function

Product show

5.2.6 (2).jpg

Product features

1.This product features a fully electric frame offering affordable comfort and ease of use for patients. Modular in design for easy assembly/disassembly and greater doorway clearance, this product offers a variety of comfort and convenience features.

2.It has great and scientific design, so it is very convenient for users. Users can operate it easily. Besides, it has long service life and great durability. Moreover, it has stable structure.

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