Choose wheelchair considerations

- Oct 11, 2017-

You buy any product, we should consider the following elements: quality, price, after-sales service. The four round of electric scooter for older people because of the relatively low manufacturing requirements, resulting in uneven quality of products, product quality will affect your use costs directly.

First of all, the quality of the elderly electric scooter, the elderly electric scooter manufacturing portal requirements are relatively low, most of the production of export-oriented foreign trade, lack of R & D capability. Each electric bicycle manufacturers found it profitable or even do not have the production qualification to generic production. At present, there have been no accidents due to the quality problems of the old electric scooter, but the quality of the products will directly affect the cost of use.

This old electric car prices, the current number of elderly electric scooter manufacturers, because the factory location, plant size and manufacturing different causes such as the cost of production is relatively disparity gap, so the price is also uneven.

Finally, the elderly electric scooter customer service service, this is a need to pay attention to the purchase of the old electric scooter, better quality products will have the failure, and the reaction speed of customer service and processing ability determines the potential value of the product level. At present, the electric scooter parts are not all available, the quality of after-sales service will also directly affect the use of products. It is better to know the local after-sales service of the brand when buying the four wheeled electric scooter.