Electric Wheelchair Abnormal Phenomenon and Fault

- Oct 11, 2017-

1, press the power switch, the power indicator is not lit: check the power line and the signal line is properly connected. Check the battery for electricity. Check the battery box overload protection, cut off the pop-up, press it.

2, after the power switch is switched on, the indicator is also displayed normally, but the electric wheelchair is still unable to start: check whether the clutch is cut into the position of "ON".

3, when the car is going, the speed is not coordinated and stop and go: check the tire pressure is sufficient. Check whether the motor is overheated, with noise or other abnormalities. Loose power cord. The controller is damaged, please replace the factory.

4 when the brake is invalid: check whether the clutch is cut into the position of "ON". Check whether the middle position controller "joystick" normal. The brake or clutch may be damaged, please replace the factory.

5, can not be normal charging: please check the charger, the fuse is normal. Please check that the charging connection is properly connected. The battery may be over discharged. Please increase the charging time. If it is still not full, replace the battery. The battery may be broken or aging. Please replace it.