Detailed parameters of the wrist sphygmomanometer

- Apr 27, 2018-

Detailed parameters of the wrist sphygmomanometer:

Display mode: data display mode, systolic pressure measurement value, diastolic pressure measurement value, heart rate.

Measurement method: Seismic measurement method

Pressurization method: fully automatic pressurization

Exhaust method: exhaust valve

Reading method: Without voice, it can interact with the hospital system through Bluetooth or USB and feedback the physical health status of the measurer.

Measurement range: pressure measurement range 0~330 mmHg, blood pressure measurement range 30~270mmHg

Measurement range: Pulse measurement range 30~180 times/min

Measurement accuracy: ± 1mmHg, ± 1 (pulse count)

Power: DC 3V power supply

Storage temperature and humidity: -10°C - +40°C·30c/oRH