The knowledge of wrist sphygmomanometer

- Apr 26, 2018-

The wrist sphygmomanometer is a new sphygmomanometer different from the traditional arm sphygmomanometer. It mainly uses an electronic instrument to act on the radial artery of the wrist, and measures the blood pressure of the subject by measuring the pulsation of the iliac artery. The wrist sphygmomanometer has the advantages of simple operation and fast measurement, and is very suitable for some public health places or families. Monitoring blood pressure, focusing on blood pressure fluctuations, and assisting doctors in the diagnosis of prescriptions are important for the monitoring and treatment of hypertension. Wrist blood pressure meter for medical and home use. Medical use is mainly used in medical institutions and other institutions that require accurate blood pressure, such as outpatient clinics in community hospitals, or free blood pressure test centers; pharmacy blood pressure tests; and clinic blood pressure tests. Household wrist sphygmomanometers are mainly used in homes. As long as it is used to monitor blood pressure at home and understand changes in blood pressure, it is used to assist doctors in adjusting medications. To control high blood pressure, prevent large fluctuations in blood pressure, improve the quality of life of patients with hypertension. Household wrist sphygmomanometers are also positive in preventing hypertension. Observe the different effects of different lifestyles and behaviors on blood pressure, and timely remove the hidden dangers of hypertension by adjusting the lifestyle appropriately.