Development direction of home medical products

- Jan 23, 2018-

1. Intelligence

The intellectualization of household medical devices mainly refers to the function of data transmission, data storage and data analysis.

With the increasing of people's demand for health, it is difficult to meet the needs of users with simple health data detection, and intelligent household medical device products have the following new functions:

(1) the use of wireless transmission technology to precision measurement data uploaded to health cloud platform, the user through a computer or mobile phone and other mobile intelligent terminal login user anytime and anywhere, so as to learn about personal health data.

This not only facilitates the comparison of health data at different time points, but also helps to establish the user's personal health profile;

(2) health cloud platform analyzes users' health data and provides health guidance.

2. Multi-function

Versatility refers to the ability to give a home medical and health electronic product a variety of functions, such as a device that simultaneously measures blood pressure, fat and blood sugar.

People in all kinds of health more or less has certain correlation data, before the onset of cardiovascular disease, for example, is associated with hyperlipidemia, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other symptoms, if these data can be detected in time, find the dominant factor, and change the bad habits, can very good control of cardiovascular disease.

In addition, the product's multi-function, also can save the user's purchase cost.

3. Wearable

For some diseases, may consciously symptoms in patients, monitoring data is more apparent, and once self-conscious symptom relief, it is hard to see what problem, to this, you need to use wearable household medical equipment products for health data of dynamic monitoring for a long period of time, in order to provide more comprehensive health data information, improve the level of diagnosis and treatment.

And wearable home medical devices can be monitored for long periods of time, and alerts can be issued if abnormal data is found, which the patient is often unaware of.

4. Telemedicine

Telemedicine is based on intelligent household health care electronic products, on the basis of personal health data transfer to a cloud platform, health cloud platform and data sent to the corresponding to the hospital or a doctor, the doctor a preliminary diagnosis or direct online communication with emergency answer patient consultation, so as to achieve remote medical purposes.

Telemedicine has the following advantages: first, the doctors can through healthy cloud platform to see the patient at any time, and give corresponding feedback, health guidance, reduced the patients hospitalized, saved the cost for patients;

Second, patients can learn more about the doctor's qualifications and information through the health cloud platform, and make an appointment in advance to choose a doctor.

Thirdly, doctors can better understand the patient's condition and improve the efficiency of communication with each other.