Home caring equipments are more importment.

- Jan 17, 2018-

Chronic diseases have become China's leading health threat, accounting for more than 80 percent of the 10.3 million deaths a year, according to the China health and family planning statistics yearbook released by the health and family planning commission.

Cardiovascular disease and cancer alone account for two-thirds of all deaths.

According to the health development planning commission, malignant tumor, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and respiratory system diseases such as chronic disease mortality in rising since 2005, aging and urbanization is the main cause of chronic disease prevalence sharply higher.

Guarantee how to solve the aging of the population health demand, chronic disease treatment and rehabilitation of tracking how effectively, as an important part of health industry, medical equipment industry is both a challenge and opportunity.

As is known to all, the traditional procedure of going to a hospital is: the doctor first diagnoses the condition and then provides the counseling service (prescribing medicine or surgery).

The hospital focuses on the treatment of patients, and the core scene is mainly for examination and treatment.

But for many diseases, especially chronic diseases, doctors usually don't have enough time to detailed interrogation, and medical history information is often incomplete, only rely on hospital single sex detection does not fully reflect the problem again.

How to help doctors make accurate diagnosis quickly?

Early household medical devices were simple parameters such as blood pressure meters, blood glucose meters, and so on.

But with the role of Internet of things + medical + big data, the era of medical devices as a service will come quickly, and the data value of continuous, comprehensive and medical level will become more and more important.

As a source of health data points, intelligent home medical equipment will become the main market of medical equipment, health parameters of records at any time can not only help users for their own health management, once found health problems can also help doctors determine the illness, reduce the misdiagnosis rate.

In the future, "diagnosis + service" will be the core of medical treatment. To achieve better medical service effect, it is not only the admission diagnosis and treatment, but also the pre-diagnosis data collection monitoring and post-diagnosis recovery tracking.

Intelligent instrument as a service, the family medical apparatus and instruments, make the user can complete the health detection at home and see the concise and clear data as a result, it not only optimizes the user experience in the medical check-up, also can let some users know more about their health condition and timely for management and prevention.

For millions of people with diabetes, for example, the most pressing problem is the need to frequent blood, Google hopes to launch a smart contact lenses to solve this problem, let users always keep their blood sugar levels, abnormal data can take timely action to avoid danger.