How to determine the accuracy of the blood glucose meter?

- Oct 11, 2017-

Sometimes you don't know if your blood sugar really fluctuates so much or you have a problem with your blood glucose meter, so the measured data is so overwhelming.

We can use the exclusion method and the hypothesis method.

First: we assume that the blood glucose meter's bad, we can find a healthy person to measure blood sugar, healthy people's blood sugar is generally fasting 3.9 - 6.1, after meals generally not more than 7.8. Through these two data, you can basically see if the blood glucose meter is too far out of the data. If this passes. Then we can take the blood sugar meter and the test paper to the hospital and the vein biochemistry, at the same time contrast. If you find a blood glucose meter, work is normal. Well, it's possible that our blood sugar really fluctuates. If there is a problem with the blood glucose meter, it is OK to contact the manufacturer directly for after-sales service.

Second: to exclude the problem of blood glucose meter, then our blood sugar fluctuation is big, then you should record your fasting, two hours after meals, bedtime and other blood glucose data, recorded. Give these data to the doctor and the doctor will adjust your treatment plan based on these data and other information. Be sure to remember that the treatment plan is not static, a few years like a day. Remember to monitor your blood sugar and find out it's causing your attention.

Finally, I want to tell you that it is good to take the first measurement at ordinary times. It doesn't require repeated blood to be measured, and the longer it is exposed to the air, the more likely it will affect the data.