Monitor the meaning of digital sphygmomanometer

- Oct 11, 2017-

(1) to avoid the error: to remove occasional blood pressure accidental, to avoid the impact of factors, more objective and true reflection of blood pressure.

(2) grasp the trend: dynamic blood pressure can be learned more blood pressure data, can actually reflect the changes in blood pressure throughout the day.

(3) timely detection: early asymptomatic patients with mild hypertension or critical hypertension, increased detection rate and can be timely treatment.

(4) Determination of drug treatment: dynamic blood pressure can guide drug treatment, to help select the drug, adjust the dose and administration time.

(5) to determine whether the target patients with hypertension (vulnerable to high blood pressure damage organs) damage.

(6) to predict the day of cerebrovascular disease sudden onset of time: early in the morning when the blood pressure suddenly increased, the most prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

(7) prediction of cardiovascular disease attack: for the past, no cardiovascular disease onset, measurement of dynamic blood pressure is more meaningful, can guide the medication