Understand the importance of blood glucose meter

- Oct 11, 2017-

Life will encounter a lot of cases, blood sugar will have a variety of changes. To understand the impact of various conditions on blood sugar, is to ensure health measures.

For example, in the park, shopping, shopping, when the door when the low blood sugar or other special circumstances can be monitored at any time to capture the "low blood sugar moment" and "other special circumstances blood sugar moment." If there is no blood glucose meter, home and then test late. This momentary changes can not capture, it is not the right to deal with, but also in the muddle to live. If a family of two patients with diabetes, you need two blood glucose meter, one hand, go out to carry.

Another example is that you choose a way of exercise, exercise has a dual nature, there are blood sugar side, there are blood sugar side, blood sugar changes to see which aspects of the main. Take the mountain to give an example, when the mountain began to climb when very excited, sugar hormone secretion is much more high blood sugar; climb to a certain time when the sugar consumption, blood sugar may be normal; and then climb on the emergence of hypoglycemia The In the process of climbing, phage to monitor blood sugar, you know when the snack to avoid hypoglycemia.