Second-generation electronic blood pressure monitor

- Apr 22, 2018-

Technology used: MWD technology (measured at reduced pressure)

Main components used: pressurized air pump, electronically controlled exhaust valve, pneumatic pressure sensor

Measurement features: Due to the use of the electronically controlled exhaust valve servo technology (ECV SERVO TECHN OL OGY), the speed of constant speed exhaust is truly constant speed, and can be intelligently pressurized according to the blood pressure of the measurer, resulting in more stable measurement results (except for other influencing factors).

Feature 1: Use only one exhaust valve ------ electronically controlled exhaust valve, while used for fixed speed exhaust and rapid exhaust at the end of the measurement;

Feature 2: Smart pressure. That is, the sphygmomanometer will perform a rough judgment on the blood pressure of the measurer in advance during the pressurization process, thereby determining the pressure value to be added to the end. Usually, the pressure value is added to the systolic pressure of the measurer +30 mmHg; Feature 3: deflation rate It can be stabilized at 3~4mmHg/s at the beginning.

The technical difficulty of this generation of electronic sphygmomanometers is the servo technology of electronically controlled exhaust valves. The first and second generations of measurement technologies are collectively referred to as MWD technology (decompression measurement), and the following third generation MWI technology ( Measured when pressurized) corresponds.