Third generation electronic sphygmomanometer

- Apr 25, 2018-

Technology used: MWI technology (measurement at pressure)

Main components used: servo-pressure air pump, electronic control exhaust valve, pneumatic pressure sensor

Measurement characteristics: uniform pressure, and blood pressure measurement during the pressure.

Feature 1: Use a servo-pressurized air pump to control the speed of the pressurization and measure the blood pressure during pressurization;

Feature 2: Use only one exhaust valve ------ electronic quick exhaust valve for quick exhaust at the end of the measurement. The technical difficulty of this generation of electronic sphygmomanometers is MWI technology (pressurized synchronous measurement).

Third generation electronic sphygmomanometer technology

MWI technology (measurement under pressure) has become the mainstream technology for wrist digital blood pressure monitors.

About the use of three generations of electronic sphygmomanometer technology

Judging from the products of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic sphygmomanometers, the first-generation electronic sphygmomanometer technology is basically on the brink of being eliminated; the second-generation electronic sphygmomanometer technology is mainly used for upper-arm electronic sphygmomanometers; the third-generation electronic sphygmomanometer The technology is mainly used for wrist-type electronic blood pressure monitors.

The difference between the third generation and the first and second generation electronic blood pressure monitors

The distinction between the third generation and the first and second generation electronic sphygmomanometers is very obvious. The third-generation electronic sphygmomanometer measures blood pressure during the process of pressurization without a slow exhaust process. After the blood pressure is displayed, it is quickly exhausted. The first and second generations of electronic sphygmomanometers need to be rapidly pressurized to a certain pressure, and then slowly deflate, and blood pressure is measured during the slow deflation.