Storage of blood glucose test strips

- Oct 11, 2017-

Diabetes now everyone has a home blood glucose meter, this can be used repeatedly, but the blood glucose test paper is a one-time, and blood sugar test paper in addition to the shelf life of it, when stored, we have some precautions, need attention of. Then usually buy back the blood sugar test paper where to store it?

First of all to know that the test paper is most afraid of damp, must ensure that the test paper dry, but also to prevent direct sunlight, the test strip stored in a dry and cool place, the temperature 2 ℃ -30 ℃ is appropriate;

And do not put in the refrigerator, a lot of diabetes is the injection of insulin, usually insulin is stored in the refrigerator, will think of the test paper put the refrigerator should be the best, the results of self-defeating ah, one into the test paper It will be damp, can not be tested, and must pay attention to the.

Second, the northern winter home heating, test paper and do not place too close to the radiator from the place, so as not to long-term heat deterioration, the impact of blood glucose measurement, the last point is the most afraid of the test paper and volatile items together, such as tea , Chinese medicine, alcohol, perfume and soap mixed after the test paper will be invalid;