Direction of development of blood glucose meter

- Oct 11, 2017-

At present, almost all patients with diabetes have their own blood glucose meter, which is used for routine blood glucose monitoring. It plays a great role in the management of diabetes patients' self condition. The annual sales of glucose meter in our country are close to 800 thousand units, and the consumption of blood sugar test strips is close to 300 million. Therefore, in the management of diabetes, scientific and rational use of blood sugar meter and self monitoring of sugar are of great concern in the management of diabetes.

The development trend in the future are: blood glucose meter position change, blood sampling and determination of integration, can repeat the test using induction technology, interstitial fluid glucose or as the sample, embedded needle or sensor, no trauma, no samples, infrared detection, when this will overcome many difficulties, because the reduction in the the suffering of patients, but also for clinical use.