How To Choose A Blood Glucose Meter?

- Oct 11, 2017-

30%, users worry that self-test blood sugar is wrong.

Experts suggest that consumers do not have to worry too much about it. Good blood glucose meters do not make much difference between the measurements of peripheral capillaries and the blood sampling taken from hospital exams. In addition the error between countries are related to the blood glucose meter and biochemical test out of vein at the same time the error is not more than 20%, this is when any one meter in the application batch of medical equipment, need to go through the relevant departments of the state detection.

53% diabetes patients use blood glucose meter, which have seen their own initiative after buying advertising, hospital admission recommended when the hospital, there are others donated.  Diabetics who do not use a blood glucose meter generally feel the results of the blood glucose meter are unreliable.

59% do not know the blood glucose meter needs correction.

Expert advice: when the patient monitoring results and their feelings are not the same, and the measurement results and the results of hospital self testing appear very different, let the nurse in the hospital to help advise patients to debug the blood glucose meter, or to contact the manufacturer, ask the maintenance matters. But now more advanced blood glucose meter, are using electrochemical method of blood glucose meter, not easy to be contaminated, so as long as the protection is good, it can be used for a long time. Everyone in the use of, must pay attention to the test paper storage method, must be placed in the dry place, avoid moisture, and direct sunlight, more can't put into the refrigerator, we must pay attention to!

76% learn how to use the book from the salesperson.

Experts advise: learn how to use a blood glucose meter can not rely solely on instructions, and many salespeople do not know how to use the blood glucose meter. The patient's family and patient should be initiative to hospital for diabetes education nurses to learn how to use, the nurse will tell you how to measure, what time, how to record the data, how to analyze the data themselves that what, according to data show that blood glucose levels to adjust their diet and activity.

89% of people look at brands and prices. Big brands of blood glucose meter price from 400 yuan to 1000 yuan or so, the respondents generally feel higher prices, quality and function better.

Experts suggest: bad blind purchase, more consultation is more important.