Elderly Is Suitable For Use With Blood Glucose Meter

- Oct 11, 2017-

The use of the elderly first, must be simple and simple operation, there are several points need to be detailed:

1, blood collection: old people do not use blood drops, easy hand shaking, accidentally get into the instrument, it is easy to damage the instrument, but also easy to waste test paper. Therefore, the elderly blood glucose meter must choose the siphon type blood glucose meter. Roche's blood glucose meter, for example, is a drop of blood, and Roche's excellent blood glucose meter is siphon. At present, the blood glucose meter in the blood glucose meter is dripping except for the vitality blood glucose meter, and the others are siphon type.

2, adjustment correction code: all blood sugar test paper has correction code, the tune is not the same way. Old people had better not choose manual transfer, and choose to use a password card or tune the code is the best choice. Free transfer code with breeze two generation blood glucose meter and the worship of healthy blood glucose meter, with a password card like Roche glucometer is adjustable with a password card, manual such as Johnson blood glucose meter.

3: screen: older people take into account the problem of vision, to choose a relatively large screen, so you can more clearly look at the blood sugar results.

4, simplicity of operation like Roche integrated blood glucose meter, an Al Jie two generation blood glucose meter, blood glucose meter is Roche's excellence is very simple.

The above four aspects, I hope you can help me choose a suitable glucose meter for the elderly.