How To Use Your Home Digital Blood Glucose Meter

- Jan 18, 2018-

One of the most important aspects of diabetes treatment is blood sugar monitoring.

This is not only the basis for doctors' medication, but also the main indicator of the development and control of diabetes.

Diabetics also need to use this indicator to regulate diet and exercise.

Some diabetes patients to understand instrument measuring data problems, should think of glucose meter measurement data and through vein measured blood sugar value is the same, if the two numerical has the different situation, the quality of the products have a problem.

But, in fact, whether home blood glucose meter or hospital blood glucose measurement instruments, measured values will not every time, it should be said that the error value within the plus or minus 10% glucose meter is very good, general requirements error values are not more than plus or minus 20%.

There is no absolute right in this matter, only relatively correct.

Household blood glucose meters are usually fingertip blood, and when the blood is pressed to the fingertips, it can affect the test results if it is mixed with tissue fluid or red blood cell rupture.

The blood glucose meter in the home is mainly used to monitor the fasting blood glucose and the 2-hour blood glucose after the meal, which can only reflect the blood glucose level at a certain point in time.

According to this medication, it is easy to deviate.

To fully reflect and master the average blood glucose control level, patients need to check the HbA1c once every 2 to 3 months, which is the "gold standard" to reflect the average blood glucose control.

The microglucose meter needs to be used in combination with the hospital equipment, because the biochemical analyzer used in the hospital belongs to the "full quantitative" equipment, which has very high requirements on blood sample collection and test accuracy.

However, the household micro-glucose meter is a "semi-quantitative" device, which is different in precision and operation.

"Total quantitative" equipment has a specific professional requirement for accuracy, which is the basis of doctors' diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, and the parameters of household blood glucose meters can only be used as reference for diagnosis and treatment.

Of course, we can't give up the family glucometer, but we should think about how to use it.

The expert remind candy friend, household blood glucose meter is best is according to the detection result of the hospital biochemistry analyzer, carry out accurate correction after use, so can reduce test error as far as possible.

It should be said that as long as don't rely too much on the results of the test at home, to the hospital regularly review and comparison of hospitals and home monitoring of blood sugar, please listen to the guidance, the role of home blood glucose meter is very positive.