Is The Digital Thermometer More Accurate Than The Mercury One

- Jan 16, 2018-

Electronic thermometers are not necessarily more accurate than mercury, but electronic thermometers are more efficient at measuring temperatures than mercury.


The current technology development has determined that the quality of the electronic thermometer will not be less accurate and more accurate.


Such as hospitals use infrared electronic thermometer accuracy, efficiency is very high, and common household thermometer due to part of the manufacturer's technical limitations, lead to some bad quality of the electronic thermometer on the market.


We meet the traditional concept of mercury thermometers, more accurate because of mercury thermometer production has been very mature, science and technology content is low, so basically manufacturers can produce high quality standard products.


Electronic thermometer thermometer has the following advantages:


1, Fast measurement time, mercury measurement are theoretically need about 10 minutes, and electronic thermometers need to 1 second or only a few minutes;

The use of mercury is inefficient when the hospital is crowded or the patient is ill.


2, Measurement can not contact with the body, such as infrared thermometer is a non-contact temperature measurement, can make patients can finish measurement during sleep don't disturb him

3, More safety, equipment, mercury thermometer, there is a danger of children break though processed, mercury will not produce serious harm to the body, but after all, there will be some damage.