Measuring Principle Of Blood Pressure Monitor

- Jan 12, 2018-

Household electronic sphygmomanometer principle using wave method, its principle is accurate, its clinical validation based on auscultation method as a standard, use statistical methods to design, in the modern method of indirect measurement of blood pressure, divided into auscultation method and oscillographic method.

There are inherent disadvantages of auscultation method: 

first, there is always a debate on whether the diastolic pressure corresponds to the fourth phase or the fifth phase, and the discriminant error caused by it is very large.2 it is to listen to his voice to distinguish systolic pressure, diastolic blood pressure, the readings by the doctor's feelings, listening comprehension, environmental noise, were nervous and a series of factors, easy introduction of subjective error, difficult to standardization.

Electronic blood pressure meter, which is made from the principle of auscultation, has not completely solved its inherent shortcomings, namely, large error, poor repeatability and noise interference.

At present, most blood pressure monitors and automatic electronic blood pressure gauges are used to measure blood pressure indirectly.Blood pressure is determined by the relationship between systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, average pressure and pressure shock wave.

Because the pulse pressure oscillatory wave has a relatively stable correlation with blood pressure, the blood pressure measured by the principle of oscillography is more accurate than that of auscultation.Besides, there is no pickup in the sleeve of the sleeve, which is simple to operate, and has strong anti-interference ability. It can also measure average pressure at the same time.

It must be pointed out that from the measuring principle, two types of indirect measurement method which does not exist a more accurate, so does not mean that measured by using mercury manometer stethoscopy results than electronic sphygmomanometer measurement results are accurate.Of course, it is also wrong to think that the measurement results of electronic blood pressure gauges are more accurate than those measured by the auscultation of the mercury pressure gauges.