The Development Of China's Medical Device Industry

- Jan 15, 2018-

Experts and scholars from home and abroad are gathering in kunming to discuss the medical device related issues in China - South Asia, southeast Asia medical cooperation BBS and kunming great health international summit BBS.

"China's medical equipment is still in a primary quantitative development period, with a large number of enterprises and small economic scale."

Gao guobiao, deputy director of the medical device registration division of the state administration of food and drug administration, said that there are 15,838 medical device manufacturers in China, with enterprises accounting for nearly 90 percent of the output value of 20 million yuan.

"The development space of medical device industry is very big."

Gao said medical equipment is a fast growing industry and has been in the top three for many years in the medical industry segment.

According to the blue book of 2016 China medical device industry development, the total market size of medical devices in China is about 370 billion yuan in 2016, an increase of 62 billion yuan from 308 billion yuan in 2015.

Among them, the medical device market is about 269 billion yuan, accounting for 72.70%.

The market for household medical devices exceeded 100 billion yuan, or about 101 billion yuan, accounting for 27.30 percent.

The blue book also points out that the development of China's medical device industry is generally benign with the healthy China 2030 and China 2025 as the national strategy.

In the medical device regulatory, our country has established the state administration, ShengJu, city bureau, county level administrative system, under the management system of security, medical equipment industry began to medical imaging equipment, medical robot, minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of embedded products, genetic testing in the fields of development.

Gao Guobiao think, aggregation of science and technology and capital concentration is the key to the future medical equipment industry by the big teams, with good advantages in clinical samples and establish a big data analysis is the power source of the lead product upgrade, industry breakthrough development, institutional innovation and evaluation ability is to promote product is safe and effective, the important guarantee to promote the development of industry.

Gao Guobiao is introduced, the next step will focus on the reform of medical instrument clinical trial management, speed up the urgent clinical needs by medical instrument for examination and approval of the review, support for rare diseases medical equipment research and development, strengthen the whole life cycle management of medical equipment, promote technical support ability, to speed up the pace of China's medical equipment upgrade.