Precautions In The Use Of Electric Wheelchairs

- Oct 11, 2017-

An electric wheelchair is a means of walking to help people who have difficulty walking. Meet the needs of people traveling independently, but the operation of electric wheelchairs also have certain requirements. Then, what should we pay attention to when using electric wheelchairs? Let the following technical director jinbaihe wheelchair factory introduction to the operating standard of electric wheelchair for everyone.

1, do not drive your electric wheelchair, in violation of national and local traffic laws and regulations

2, do not make a sharp turn in high speed, in the electric wheelchair in the steering should be slowed down to 2km/h below

3, mental abnormalities, unresponsive people strictly prohibited use; upper limbs can not be used normally, the operation of difficult people are strictly prohibited

4, do not open or not in power on the handbrake Shashi electric wheelchair; not electric wheelchair car parked on a slope on the slope; do not turn or turn

5, the upper and lower slopes should be moving along the slope direction, but not perpendicular to the direction of the slope, otherwise there is the risk of rollover

6. Avoid moving on roads with slopes greater than 8 degrees and obstacles beyond 4 cm

7, please do not use electric wheelchairs in sand or soft ground

8, electric wheelchair in normal use, should be anti dumping mechanism down

9, do not put the electric wheelchair long time when the rain will stop open-air or electric wheelchair car to the outside, guard against damp. If the electric wheelchair is not used for a long time, the power switch should be switched off

10, do not arbitrarily disassemble or reform the components of electric wheelchairs or into parts other than our own

When you use an electric wheelchair wheelchair jinbaihe remind must strictly abide by the use of electric wheelchair, which not only provides a guarantee for the safety of your travel at the same time, the electric wheelchair prolongs the service life of.