Electric Wheelchair Purchase Tips

- Oct 11, 2017-

First: according to the physical condition to determine the electric wheelchair use crowd of mostly the disabled and not flexible legs of the elderly, so before the purchase of electric wheelchairs must choose their own wheelchair rather than in the elderly wheelchair price or brand more effort.

Two: if the old person needs to turn the rim of the wheel with his hand, he will choose the independent type. If manual power is not enough, choose the one that can be switched manually or electrically.

Three: according to the scope of the user's activities, the elderly wheelchair electric mileage generally reach 20Km, the elderly go out to go around the park, vegetable market, activity center is no problem.

Four: if the user needs to go out or back upstairs, choose lightweight wheelchair, now on the market of the elderly wheelchair material pipe, Aluminum Alloy, and aerospace Aluminum Alloy, aerospace Aluminum Alloy, is the lightest of the wheelchair.

Five: we must choose the brand of electric wheelchairs and after-sales service, more assured wheelchair manufacturers. Never hesitate on the price of an electric wheelchair.

Users can purchase according to the above points.