The Scope Of Application Of Digital Thermometer

- Oct 11, 2017-

Digital thermometer with imported chip assembly high precision, high stability, error ≤ 0.5%, within the power, micro-power, stainless steel shell, strong protection, beautiful and delicate.

Digital thermometer with imported high-precision, low temperature drift, ultra-low power integrated circuit and wide temperature type LCD display, built-in high-energy battery continuous work ≥ 5 years without laying power supply cable, is a high precision, Strong new field temperature display. Is the traditional field pointer bimetallic thermometer ideal alternative products, widely used in various types of industrial and mining enterprises, universities, research institutes.

The temperature of our daily production and life in real time in contact with the physical quantity, but it is not visible, only the feeling can only feel the temperature value, although the traditional pointer thermometer can indicate the temperature, but the accuracy is low, Easy to use, display is not intuitive, the emergence of digital thermometer can let people intuitively understand what they want to know the temperature in the end is how much.

Digital thermometers use temperature sensing elements, temperature sensors (such as platinum resistance, thermocouple, semiconductor, thermistor, etc.), the temperature changes into electrical signal changes, such as voltage and current changes, temperature changes and electrical signals Changes in a certain relationship, such as linear relations, a certain relationship between the curve, the electrical signal can be used to convert the analog circuit that is the AD conversion circuit to convert analog signals into digital signals, digital signals and then sent to the processing unit, such as single-chip or PC Etc., the processing unit through the internal software to the digital signal and the temperature linked to become the temperature value can be displayed, such as 25.0 degrees Celsius, and then through the display unit, such as LED, LCD or computer screen display to observe. This completes the basic thermometer function of the digital thermometer.

Digital thermometer according to the use of different sensors, AD conversion circuit, and the processing unit of different, its accuracy, stability, temperature range are different, it is necessary according to the actual situation to meet the specifications of the digital thermometer.