The Type Of Blood Glucose Meter

- Oct 11, 2017-

Now on the market of blood glucose meter, commonly used is the determination of capillary blood. Capillary blood glucose measurements, although not available for the diagnosis of diabetes, but can be applied to the crowd screening of diabetes screening and patient self-monitoring. Blood glucose meter can quickly get the results, and it is small, easy to carry, the drawback is the test paper price is expensive, short shelf life.

Type of blood glucose meter:

The first category: economic type, most of this type of domestic blood glucose meter, blood collection in the 1.5 --- 3 μl, test paper correction code are used manual correction, the price is generally not more than 300 yuan to meet the majority of patients with diabetes Demand, such as three Connaught stable blood glucose meter and Yicheng beyond JPS-5 type blood glucose meter.

The second category: full-featured, such blood glucose meter on the basis of economic analysis and other functions, such as the storage of blood glucose levels, and automatically calculate the 7 days, 14 days and 30 days of blood glucose average, large screen images, The amount of blood collected is less than that of the economy, and the correction method of the test paper correction code is upgraded to the automatic correction or the quasi-code function with the password card. The price of 400 to 800 yuan. Such as Roche Excellence Blood Glucose Meter and Bainan Blood Glucose Meter.

The third category: simple operation, compared with the first two blood glucose meter, this blood glucose meter is the biggest advantage of the operation is more simple, free code, and the test paper is dish or film type, fitted with a dish or a roll Test paper can be measured 10 times or 17 times, one-button operation. The price of 600 --- 900 yuan. Such as Baanjie second generation of blood glucose meter and Roche integrated blood glucose meter.