What Are The Main Factors That Affect Blood Sugar?

- Oct 11, 2017-

1, people who drink regularly can lead to nutritional deficiencies, and may damage the liver, pancreas, reproductive system, blood vessels, and raise blood sugar. It also disrupts and interferes with the diet program, inhibits gluconeogenesis, and reduces the effects of insulin and other components of blood sugar lowering so that blood sugar is high.

2, abnormal mood swings are also one of the causes of high blood sugar levels. Too often, too much excitement such as burning and irritability can lead to elevated blood sugar.

3, abnormal blood sugar, the biggest reason undoubtedly undoubtedly eating habits. For diabetics, be careful about less food and more meals. And eat more absorption of slower food, that is, "coarse grains", coarse grains contain certain impurities that have not been removed". These impurities are mostly beneficial to the human body of dietary fiber, to slow down food absorption, reduce blood lipids and blood sugar has a good effect.

4, exercise less insulin does not, now many people are not willing to move, and a large number of excessive intake of sweets and sugary drinks at the dinner table, a lot of sugar will be formed into the body after the food, causing the body of high blood sugar.