Why Does The Glucose Meter Adjust The Correction Code?

- Oct 11, 2017-

Because most blood glucose meter is glucose dehydrogenase (glucose oxidase) test, and the test paper in the manufacturing process of consistency is not very good control, so in the package before the screening, after testing the electrical characteristics of biochemical reactions similar to a group, a corresponding correction code; blood glucose meter of each code corresponds to a small correction procedures must take blood glucose meter. The corresponding correction code in order to get correct results in the use of the user. It's the same correction code test also have the difference, which is why the same blood two test results also have 0.2 ~ 0.8 difference.

Differences in raw material and production conditions (temperature and air temperature during production) led to differences in reaction activity on different batches of test paper. Therefore, the test notes produced at different times are not the same, only the same batch of test paper correction code is the same. In the use of blood sugar test paper, the blood glucose meter calibration code and glucose test paper will be adjusted to the same, so as to get the correct test results.