Nursing Manual Hospital Bed

Nursing Manual Hospital Bed

Product ID: EO-MH5012

Description: Nursing Manual Hospital Bed

Usage: People who need long term care or disabled

Warranty: 1 Year

Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

MOQ: 20 Sets

Product Details

Product introduction

This Nursing Manual Hospital Beds are medical beds that use hand cranks to raise the entire bed level, as well as the head and foot sections of the bed. This results in optimal comfort for the patient. The products are sturdy, reliable and comfortable. These manual hospital beds are a cost-effective long-term care option.


Place of origin



2000*900*530 mm


White and Blue

Back adjustment

8-85 degrees

Turn over

0-85 degrees





IV port


Dining table


Hair wash function



1.It can remove patients who cannot move from the ward, carry out outdoor activities, and also facilitate medical examinations by medical staff.

2.Large corner cushioning cushions reduce shock and prevent damage to other components while ensuring the safety of medical staff working at the bedside.

3.The front and the end of the nursing bed are made of stainless steel skeleton, external engineering plastics, high-density fireproof board with strong endurance.

4.The unique bed structure design makes it versatile. Patients can achieve self-activity training, self-movement, personal cleaning, urination, eating, moving, reading, writing, learning, entertainment and other activities on the nursing bed.

Product show

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Product features

This Nursing Manual Hospital Bed offers a number of innovations that translate into long-term savings over the frame's lifecycle. The product offers the same convenient features as the electric models but adjusts manually for greater economy. The crank for adjusting the frame is located at the side of the frame, which allows you to raise and lower upper body and knees.

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