Monitor The Method Of Blood Glucose Meter

- Oct 11, 2017-

We all know that diabetes treatment of the disease, there is an indicator is very important that is the smooth control of blood sugar, to control the course of course, to keep abreast of blood glucose data, then we monitor what way blood sugar, the following we have to introduce one by one a bit.

Fingertip blood sugar. This method is simple and convenient, with blood glucose meter with blood glucose test paper, the patient can operate their own record blood glucose levels, the use of insulin sugar friends almost every day needs. Can pay attention to the movement, meals, emotions, drugs and other effects on blood sugar, but the shortcomings can not reflect the whole day or a period of time the overall level of blood sugar, in particular, can not be found at night hypoglycemia.

Glycated hemoglobin. Hemoglobin and blood glucose combined to produce glycosylated hemoglobin, the two once the combination is difficult to dissociate. Therefore, the detection of glycosylated hemoglobin can reflect the patient's nearly 2-3 months of blood glucose levels. And almost no day diet, sports and other factors of interference. Therefore, the diagnosis of diabetes, reflecting the long-term blood sugar control, etc., need to test the "gold standard."

Glycosylated serum protein. Reflecting the average blood glucose level of 2-3 weeks. To a certain extent, it makes up for the former can not reflect the short period of time the lack of blood sugar changes, often used in the adjustment of treatment programs. It also helps to find asymptomatic hypoglycemia.

Dynamic blood sugar. Its core is the blood glucose probe and the recorder. The system automatically records blood glucose levels every 5 minutes and continuously monitors 24-72 hours. Patients need to enter the "event" tag at any time, that is, meals, exercise, medication and so on. Through the above data drawn blood glucose map, can reflect all the factors that affect blood sugar in patients with life, including asymptomatic hyperglycemia, nocturnal hypoglycemia and so on. Mainly for type 1 sugar friends, and poor blood sugar control, fluctuations in the relatively large type 2 sugar friends.

A total of more than four ways, in addition to the first one can be used at home with blood glucose meter monitoring, the other three are to be carried out in the hospital, the last kind of dynamic blood sugar costs are relatively high, are generally used in blood glucose fluctuations Big sugar friends.