How To Make The Household Blood Glucose Meter More Accurate?

- Oct 11, 2017-

People with diabetes often find that the number of blood tests at home can be a little different from what's wrong with the hospital, which is often caused by irregularities in the operation. So how do you improve the accuracy of your own blood sugar test?

First of all, to the blood glucose meter sign appeared to blood, you will not be able to display the results; secondly, after gently prick blood to blood test, do not take the finger directly to smear, because the hands of the oil will affect the correct blood glucose meter.

When the blood is dripped onto the test paper, do not smear or drop blood on it. Take the test, don't touch the finger blood, how much blood volume will also affect the results, to get a blood test paper sucking blood, a time to collect the amount of blood, excessive or insufficient blood volume will affect the results.

If the blood glucose meter requires excess blood off at the end of the paper, you must use the specified wipes (such as cotton or cotton swab disinfection), pay attention not to cotton fiber cotton ball to the test area, in order to avoid the low blood glucose readings.

The time of blood collection also had an effect on the results.  Such as fasting glucose refers to sleep under the state do not eat, do not take more than 8 hours of blood glucose measured, but also in the morning before 9, if the night stay up late, but not eating, can not be called fasting blood sugar. The two hour postprandial blood sugar is two hours from the first meal, and the test time should be 15 minutes before and after this time. It is too early or too late to affect the result.

For the unstable blood sugar of the elderly, should pay special attention to blood sugar two at night, because the blood sugar is the lowest at this time for patients most prone to hypoglycemia at this time, once found to nocturnal hypoglycemia and timely communication with the doctor, if necessary, require hospitalization. The same person at the same time, the two sampling results may be inconsistent, the first pain patients because of nervousness that epinephrine and norepinephrine secretion increased, so that the second moment difference increased blood glucose.

In order to ensure the normal and accurate work of the blood glucose meter, the standard glucose solution provided by the manufacturer is regularly used to calibrate the blood glucose meter. If your blood glucose meter can be cleaned, it is best to clean regularly, removing accumulated blood, dust, or lint of cotton balls.

Need to tune the blood glucose meter, in use, pay attention to the code and test paper code consistent. Before the test, the blood sugar meter should be checked and adjusted. The code displayed is consistent with the code on the test strip and packing box. Before use, you should pay attention to the date of expiration of the test paper. Note that there is no change in color on the test paper. In addition, attention should be paid to the preservation of reagents, and the blood glucose meter should be calibrated before each new batch of test paper is used.